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Are you a transplant who recently found themselves in the Northeast Kingdom? Or perhaps you grew up here, moved away, and are now back in your home state. Are you tied to Vermont by school, friends and family, or an outdoor activity?


We know the Northeast Kingdom (NEK) is large and geographically dispersed. It can be socially isolating and challenging to build community, especially for newcomers. We want to provide you with the opportunity to learn more about the region and ask honest questions with honest answers about the ins and outs of the community---where’s the nearest laundry mat? Where do you go out to eat? What’s the childcare situation like? What CSAs are in the area? 


The NEK chapter of the VWWP is housed under the NEK Young Professionals Network, which provides administrative and programming capacity to the project. Hosts and participants do not have to be a member of nor consider themselves a “young professional” to participate; we welcome anyone of any age & profession to engage with the group


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