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The Vermont Welcome Wagon Project is a volunteer organization, founded and managed by the following Vermonters:

Maire Folan

Maire moved to the NEK in 2014 from New Hampshire by way of Washington state. She is the Program Manager for Green Mountain Farm to School and a consulting Dietitian for the Northeast Kingdom Council on Aging. Though Maire feels right at home among Vermont’s rolling hills and vibrant local food scene, it took her awhile to build a community of friends and really feel connected. She joined up with the NEK Young Professional Network (YPN) in an effort to not only build her own social network but to help others overcome that barrier. She is excited to help launch the NEK chapter of the Welcome Wagon to compliment other efforts the YPN is doing to connect and support community members of the NEK.


Maire lives in Derby. You might find her digging into Vermont soils, swimming in beautiful NEK lakes, hiking in the forests or enjoying area ski trails.

Trisha Morley

Trisha was born and raised right in the NEK and never wants to leave! She has found a passion of creating life in the NEK from skiing, hiking, fishing, gardening and more. She works for Community Financial Services Group with their home office overlooking Lake Memphremagog. 


She was raised specifically in Orleans, VT but now recently engaged and moved to Craftsbury, VT with her fiance. This event alone has helped her realize how vast the NEK really is. How different of a world 40 minutes down the road can be. All different people and different events, but it's the same great community. She wants to help you connect with that community through the Welcome Wagon project.

Sunny Naughton

Sunny is a Newport Native who moved away for over a decade to the Big Apple and found herself back in the Kingdom just five years ago, in her childhood home no less. With only her parents for family in Vermont, Sunny has built a network of ‘chosen family’ in the NEK over her life which makes it such a nice place to be. Sunny has a consulting company, Sunshine Silver Linings, that helps people follow through on their visions. 


As a kid, her parents helped navigate the Kingdom so coming back as an adult was a different story. Sunny looked to her colleagues, neighbors and community members to figure out all she needed to know to thrive. Now she hopes to offer that same kindness to others who want to make the great State of Vermont their home.  Sunny can be found out and about with her Goldendoodle Mayer, running theater programming in town, writing or just kicking back at home.