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The Vermont Welcome Wagon Project is a volunteer organization, founded and managed by the following Vermonters (and Vermonters-at-heart):


Timothy Monty

Never believing that the grass is greener somewhere else, Tim has called Vermont home since the beginning.  Bringing people together and helping as often as possible he strives to support people in living enriched lives!  As a Partner and Financial Planner at Professional Financial Associates, LLC Tim brings his passion and purpose to his professional cause helping individuals and businesses.  He also serves as the President of the Western Slopes Business Association (WSBA) and is a board member of a couple small non-profit organizations.  


Tim and his wife, Rebecca, live in Richmond with their two children (and pets!) where they produce 15 – 20 gallons of Vermont liquid gold (maple syrup) each year to share with their family, friends, and friends of friends!  In his “free” time Tim is an avid paddler, hiker, and is looking to start fly fishing and scuba diving.

Krysta Sadowski

Krysta was born and raised in between the beautiful Green Mountains and Lake Champlain in South Burlington, VT. She ventured out of state first for school in Boston and then on to Washington, D.C. The early years of her career took her to Colorado, Australia and then back to DC and Boston. After too many years of being away, she was thrilled to move home to Vermont in 2016!


Krysta is now a Senior Manager with the Human Resources Consulting Division at Gallagher, Flynn & Co. where she passionately supports companies with their Talent Strategy needs. When not in the office, Krysta can be found hiking her favorite VT trails, tasting VT’s finest foods and brews, or geeking out on economic development issues.


Whytnee Bush

Whytnee lives in Chicago but left a big piece of her heart in Vermont! She is passionate about criminal justice reform, sex education, financial literacy and women in politics. In her free time, Whytnee likes to travel to visit friends and family, go out to eat, and beat her Gram at card games. She has a B.A. in Archaeology and Anthropology from Boston University. 

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